Terms and conditions of car rental contract


  1. The Terms and Conditions define the detailed terms and conditions of the car rental contracts entered into by CarFree spółka z ograniczoną odpowiedzialnością with its registered office in Warsaw (address: ul. Cybernetyki 13A, 02-677 Warsaw, entered in the Register of Entrepreneurs of the National Court Register under KRS number: 0000556022, TIN number: 5213695626, REGON number: 36138861600000, telephone number: +48 794500550, e-mail address: rezerwacje@carfree.pl) as part of the Car Rental. The terms and conditions apply to all Rental Contracts for a Vehicle (hereinafter referred to as the "Contract"), unless the Contract itself provides otherwise. In case of contradiction of the Rental Contract with provisions of the Terms and Conditions, the parties are bound by the contract.
  2. The Terms and Conditions apply to all the above-mentioned rental contracts concluded since 15.04.2019.
  3. The Rentee of the car and the person authorized to drive may be:
    1. An individual who meets all of the following conditions:
      • Is over 21 years of age
      • Has a valid identity card/passport and driving licence, which have been valid for at least a year and which are recognized on the territory of the Republic of Poland (and in the case of a citizen of a country belonging to the European Union - a document confirming identity in accordance with the national law applicable to the place of residence of the Rentee, in the case of other foreigners - a valid passport). Copies of these documents may be made and kept in the CarFree Ltd. database.
      • Presents the Renter with a payment/credit/debit card, except for American Express.
      • Is entered in the CEIDG or other register - if the rental contract is concluded within the scope of their business activity.
    2. A legal person (or an organizational unit referred to in Article 33¹ of the Polish Civil Code) whose representative concludes the rental contract on their behalf, who:
      • Presents information corresponding to the current extract from the Register of Entrepreneurs as at the date of concluding the contract and other evidence of their authority to conclude the rental contract (e.g. a power of attorney) if this authority does not result from the KRS extract,
      • Provides a valid ID/passport and a driving license, as well as other evidence of their authorization to sign the rental contract.
    The requirements indicated in this section are valid for the entire rental period. In case of stating the non-fulfillment by the Rentee or a person registered in the rental contract as an "additional driver" of the above mentioned requirements, the Renter may terminate the rental without preserving the period of notice. The Renter is entitled to verify the presented documents by means of available registers (KRS, CEiDG), and in case of any discrepancies they may refuse to conclude the contract.
  4. The car may be driven only by a person (fulfilling the requirements defined in point 3 of the Terms and Conditions) listed in the rental contract as "RENTEE" or - with the consent of the Renter - by a person entered in the contract as an "ADDITIONAL DRIVER".
  5. In case of cancelling by the Rentee the authorization for a person authorized to drive a vehicle, the Rentee is obligated to immediately inform the Renter about this change. In case of failure to immediately provide information, the Rentee is obliged to compensate the damage suffered by the Renter in connection with the lack of knowledge of the above mentioned withdrawal of the authorization.
  6. The Rentee is obligated to ensure that the provisions of the T&Cs or the rental contract concerning the obligations of the Rentee and the rules of conduct in the event of an accident or vehicle breakdown are respected also by the persons whom the Rentee entrusted driving the car, and also familiarize each time the person driving the vehicle with the obligations related to operation of the vehicle. Failure to comply with this obligation will result in an obligation to repair the damage by the Rentee.
  7. Rental begins from the date specified in the rental contract or from the date of release of the vehicle indicated in the handover of the vehicle report, depending on which date is earlier, unless the parties agree otherwise.
  8. When concluding the rental contract - if the contract is to be concluded by an entrepreneur as part of their business activity (for a company) - the Customer is obliged to provide detailed data of the company and present an appropriate authorization in which the data of the person concluding the contract is also included. In this case the company's data must be included in the contract, in the field "Rentee". The Renter has the right to verify this data in any way, including photocopying an identity card.
  9. The Rentee takes full responsibility for the rented car, including the acts and omissions of the User and the Passengers until the moment of collecting the car by the Renter, on the basis of a delivery and acceptance report signed by both Parties.


  1. The Rentee books a car using the form available on the website: www.carfree.pl, by contacting the Infoline at +48 794500550 or at one of the branches.
  2. After submitting the reservation via the online form or by contacting the hotline, the Rentee receives a confirmation of its submission to the e-mail address indicated by them.
  3. The conditions of concluding a rental contract by the Renter are as follows:
    1. Positive verification of the Rentee's data
    2. Acceptance by the Rentee of the current Terms and Conditions available on the website: www.carfree.pl
    3. Fulfilment of the conditions stipulated in p. 3
    4. Providing details of a payment/debit/credit card
    5. In the case of payment by bank transfer - crediting the amount of the transfer to the Renter's bank account.
    6. In the case of reservations made through an agent, presentation of a voucher, whereby the voucher must be in the possession of the CarFree Sp. z o. o. employee in order to be scanned or a scan sent to an e-mail address indicated by the CarFree Sp. z o. o. employee at the moment of collecting the vehicle.
  4. The rental contract is concluded through its signing by the Renteer and a representative of the Renter on the terms and conditions of the reservation confirmed by the Renter, which is without prejudice to points 18 and 19. In the case of a refusal or inability to sign the report by the Rentee, it is considered that the technical condition of the vehicle is consistent with that described by the Renter. In the case of concluding a rental contract by more than one Rentee their responsibility is joint and several, whereby in the field "Rentee" there must be data of all the Rentees.
  5. The Renter, after concluding the rental contract with simultaneous fulfilment of the conditions set out in points 3 and 29, hands over the vehicle to the Rentee for use for the period specified in the Contract.
  6. At the release of the vehicle, a Handover Report of the Vehicle is prepared, which constitutes an annex to the contract, which defines the condition of the vehicle at the moment of handing it over to the Rentee for use.
  7. The Rentee is obliged to thoroughly familiarize themselves with the actual and technical condition of the rented Vehicle. Any objections concerning its condition should be reported to the Renter at the moment of handing over the Vehicle to the Rentee and recorded on the Handover report. The lack of any objections from the Rentee, as mentioned in the previous sentence, results in the acceptance of the condition of the Vehicle resulting from the handover report.
  8. When concluding the rental contract, in case of some groups of customers and vehicles, a pre-authorization may be made on the Rentee's payment card. The amount of the deposit is determined by the Renter, and the deposit is collected within the range from PLN 500.00 to PLN 4000.00, depending on the class of the car. The deposit paid by the Rentee secures the claims of the Renter for debts or damages that may arise during the usage of the vehicle by the Rentee. The Rentee is obligated to complete the deposit form and provide all the data required therein, including in particular the card number with expiration date. If the Rentee refuses to pay the deposit or does not have the funds to pay it, an employee of CarFree Sp. z o. o. has the right not to release the car; this also applies to bookings made by an intermediary. The Renter has the right to charge the Rentee with any unpaid amounts resulting from the rental contract and the Terms and Conditions. The release of the pre-authorization takes place within a period resulting from the procedures of the bank issuing the card. In the case of a blockade lasting longer than 14 days, the Renter recommends the Rentee to contact the bank. The release of the pre-authorization does not mean that the Renter waives their claims against the Rentee. In special cases the deposit may be paid by transferring funds to the Renter's bank account.
  9. In case of inability to deliver a car in accordance with the confirmed reservation, the Renter has the right to rent a car to the Rentee of the same or higher class, using the rate from the booking. Such a change does not constitute a failure or improper performance of the rental contract.
  10. Cancellation of a reservation up to 24 hours before the date of the car pick-up causes the return of the paid booking costs. In other cases, the return of the booking fee is not possible. The refund will be made within 14 working days to the bank account from which the booking was paid.
  11. In the event of damage to the car, Customer's delay or any other liabilities, CarFree Ltd. has the right to collect the appropriate amount from the paid deposit. The Rentee, by signing the Terms and Conditions and the Price List (which are an integral part of the rental contract) and providing their payment card data, agrees to perform a pre-authorization in case of the above mentioned circumstances. The lack of the Rentee's signature in the report of collection of the car does not cause the Renter to lose the right to collect the designated amount included in the Price List from the then collected pre-authorization. The above also applies to bookings made by the intermediary.


  1. The Renter is obliged to provide the Rentee with a vehicle free of defects affecting the usability of the vehicle. The Renter is not responsible for mechanical damage to the elements of the vehicle, arising during the use of the vehicle by the Rentee in case of using the vehicle contrary to its purpose.
  2. The Rentee or any person driving a vehicle are obligated to:
    1. Carry valid documents, required by traffic control,
    2. Protecting the vehicle and its equipment against theft, including in particular the proper locking of the vehicle, securing the keys, registration card, remote control (each time the vehicle is left without oversight,)
    3. Perform, at their own expense and effort, daily servicing of the vehicle (checking and replenishing engine oil, coolant, brake fluid, windscreen washer liquid, checking tyre pressure and the condition of tyres, the operation of signal lights, passing lights and driving lights, possible bulb replacement),
    4. Use the type of fuel in accordance with the engine specification given in the registration certificate and in the technical documentation of the vehicle,
    5. Maintaining the vehicle in a duly clean condition - in particular in the case of transporting soiling agents of intensive smell.
  3. Travelling outside Poland to other EU countries is allowed under the condition of the Renter's prior consent, entering the country of departure in the contract and paying the appropriate fee in accordance with the Price List. It is forbidden to transfer the vehicle outside of EU countries. In case of departure without the consent of the Renter and lack of payment - the Rentee is charged with a contractual penalty according to the effective Price List. Moreover, in case of departure without the consent written in the contract and without the payment - the Rentee is responsible for all the damages incurred on the vehicle - both in case of failure, damage or theft. The Rentee is also obliged to bear all the costs connected with bringing the car to the territory of the Republic of Poland and to pay all the fines, if any, incurred outside the country. In addition, leaving the EU borders by the vehicle means violation of the terms of the contract, which is subject to an additional penalty of 1500 PLN.
  4. The Rentee is not allowed to use the car in a manner incompatible with the contract, Terms and Conditions, with the properties and destination of the car and must use it within the limits of its normal, non-excessive exploitation. In particular, the Rentee is not allowed to:
    1. Tow other vehicles with the rented car,
    2. Carry more people or luggage than specified in the vehicle's registration certificate,
    3. Smoke in the vehicle,
    4. Make alterations or other changes in the rented vehicle without the Renter's consent (e.g. remove the company's markings),
    5. Transport animals inside the vehicle,
    6. Sub-rent the vehicle and make it available to a person other than the user (additional driver),
    7. Use the vehicle in competitions and sports races, rallies and training for them, any kind of driving lessons or driving improvements (the customer shall be subject to a contractual penalty of 1500 PLN)
    In case of violation of the provisions of this point, the Rentee is obligated to repair the damage/ bear the costs associated with the damage /restore the vehicle to its previous condition /pay for the loss of value of the vehicle caused by, among others, alterations (depending on the choice of the Renter).
  5. The Renter or other persons authorized by him, have the right to inspect the use and condition of the vehicle and the Rentee's documents related to the above circumstances, and the Rentee is obliged to allow the inspection and make the documents available.
  6. The Rentee bears sole responsibility for proper installation and use of accessories and additional equipment (e.g. child seat, GPS navigation).


  1. Standard rental costs, additional costs and contractual penalties are available at www.carfree.pl and are specified in the Price List (available, inter alia, at http://carfree.pl/cennik/pl).
  2. The rental fee is collected in Polish zlotys in advance (according to the rate in force at the time of concluding the rental agreement) by bank transfer, by credit card/debit card, in the form of assignment of receivables from the civil liability policy of the perpetrator (in case of non-cash renting of the vehicle to a person injured in a collision or road accident).
  3. The rent is calculated for a full day. Delay in returning the car up to max 1 hour does not cause charging for the next day of rental. In case of a delay of more than 1 hour, the Renter is entitled to multiply the rental rate three times. In case of bookings made by the intermediary, a minimum of 1 minute of delay results in charging a fee for the beginning of the next day. The above entitles the Renter to take the actions indicated in pt. 38 of these Terms and Conditions.
  4. In the case of consent from the Renter for rental period prolongation, the Rentee is obliged to pay the additional rental period for the entire period in advance, with the booking that the payment must be credited no later than the time at which the original deadline for vehicle return expires (according to the current Price List at www.carfree.pl).
  5. The rental extension fee must be paid in advance in one of the following ways:
    1. By contacting the Hotline at telephone number: +48 794500550
    2. By contacting a branch of the Rental Company,
    3. By payment in the BZWBK bank account with the following number: 64 1090 2590 0000 0001 3114 0032
    4. Extension of the rental in case of bookings made by an intermediary is possible provided that the fee is paid no later than on the day specified as the deadline for returning the car. The fee must be paid in advance according to the current Price List at www.carfree.pl.
  6. In case of delay with payment of the rental fee in case of long-term rental, for at least one payment period, the renter, after ineffective call of the Rentee for payment (in the form of electronic correspondence, telephone, text messages) may terminate the rental agreement immediately - without notice, subject to the right to charge the Rentee with statutory interest for each day of delay in rental payment and may seek compensation on general terms.
  7. If the insurance company or Assistance is required to pay the rent for renting a car under an agreement separate from the rental contract, and the Rentee, despite the expiration of the rental period, does not make the car available for return, the obligation to pay the rent for each additional day after the expiration of the rental period agreed by the insurance company or Assistance operator with the Renter, passes to the Rentee. The Rentee is obliged to inform the Renter about the will to extend the rental on individual terms, according to the effective Price List, before the expiration of the return period. The Rentee is obligated to pay in advance the amount due for each additional rental day.
  8. The vehicle is equipped with a device allowing the Renter to remotely block the starter of the vehicle. In case of failure to timely pay the rent or other charges under the contract, the Renter is entitled to block the starter.
  9. The Rentee shall cover in full any fines, penalties, parking fees, etc., and authorizes the transfer of personal data together with a copy of the rental contract to the relevant authorities. Any fees resulting in particular from inquiries by public administration authorities and any actions related to the above offences shall be covered by the Rentee. Providing information at the request of authorities is covered by administrative fee according to the price list - proforma invoice.


  1. The Rentee is obligated to return the vehicle at a place and time previously established.
  2. The Renter has the right to charge the Rentee with fees according to the Price List - in case of finding any damages on the returned vehicle. The Rentee may receive a call for payment with information concerning the charges and a pro-forma invoice with the method of payment.
  3. Non-return of the vehicle within the term consistent with the rental contract (including the use of the vehicle in the absence of consent of the Renter to extend the rental) - is treated as misappropriation of the vehicle (an offense under Article. 284 of the Criminal Code) and entitles the Renter to submit a notice of committing a crime to law enforcement agencies. In such a case, the Renter has the right to block the starter of the vehicle, collect the car and charge the Rentee the full costs related thereto. The above also entitles the Renter to charge a fee for each additional day of non-contractual use of the car. The Rentee is also responsible for theft and any damage to the car - occurring after the designated date of return of the vehicle (in case of lack of consent of the Renter to extend the rental and lack of payment for the extension).
  4. The Rentee is obliged to return the car in the same condition as at the moment of its release, including in particular - clean inside and outside, with the same amount of fuel as received upon receipt of the car, and in the event of a breach of the above obligation the Rentee is obliged to pay a fee according to the applicable Price list.
  5. In the event of loss of elements or equipment of the car and damage resulting from improper use and protection of the car and loss of documents, the Renter is obliged to incur costs in accordance with the Price list.
  6. In case of loss by the Rentee of one of the following elements: document, registration plate, policy, keys, etc., the Rentee is obliged to incur costs consistent with the Price list. Lack of payment by the Rentee for the damage to the car, lack of equipment and the incompatibility of the car's state with the state confirmed in the protocol of vehicle handover - may result in initiation by the Renter of the vindication procedure, the initiation of which is associated with incurring a fee in the amount of PLN 500.00, and in case of consumers - PLN 100.00.
  7. The Renter does not reimburse costs for early return of the vehicle, not specified in the rental agreement, as well as does not reimburse costs of fuel surplus.


  1. The Rentee acknowledges the necessity of making the car available to the Renter in order to perform a periodic inspection at a place and time agreed with the Renter. In the case of refusal to make the car available the Rentee may be obliged to repair the damage, especially in terms of the cost of the inspection and damage to the renter in the form of loss of warranty on the car.
  2. The Rentee is not authorized to order repairs, corrections, alterations, inspections or other repair and maintenance activities of the rented car without the consent of the Renter. The Rentee can repair the car on their own only after obtaining approval of the Renter regarding the place, scope of repair and costs related with it. Then the Rentee is obligated to submit receipts for the service performed, return of the replaced parts and submit a statement describing the circumstances of the failure.
  3. The Renter, after confirming the legitimacy of the repair, its correctness, lack of responsibility of the Rentee for the breakdown, returns all the costs documented by the receipts.


  1. The Rentee is obliged to familiarize themselves with the insurance conditions of the vehicle, under pain of full responsibility for the damage caused.
  2. In case of damage to the vehicle, accident, loss of keys, burglary, theft or other illegal act, the Rentee is obliged to:
    1. Secure the vehicle and prevent further damage to it,
    2. Immediately, not later than within 1 hour from the incident - to notify the Renter by calling the hotline (+48 794500550) and act according to the received instructions,
    3. Call the Police immediately and wait for their arrival,
    4. In case of a theft - returning the vehicle keys and documents to the Renter within 24 hours.
  3. In case of not calling the police or not informing the Renter about the incident, the Rentee bears full responsibility for the incident and is obligated to cover all the costs associated with the incident, including the cost of repairing the vehicle, regardless of the purchased insurance, exempting him from payment for damage to the vehicle.
  4. If the perpetrator of the incident is the driver of another vehicle, the release of the Rentee from liability for the damage will be possible on condition that the Police are called to the scene of the incident and the Renter is informed of the situation, including which patrol station / police station arrived at the scene. It is also necessary to obtain the data of the perpetrator of the event, the registration number of their vehicle and the number of the third party insurance policy. Moreover, the Rentee is obliged to obtain names and addresses of witnesses and prepare an accident report in accordance with the insurance company's requirements.
  5. In the event of a false statement regarding the damage or the inclusion of untrue data, the Rentee will be charged with the total value of restoring the vehicle to its previous state and any other charges resulting from e.g. vehicle downtime, legal costs, loss of value of the car due to the damage, etc.
  6. Damage to/soiling of the upholstery, any missing equipment of the vehicle or its parts (e.g. hubcaps) are not covered by any of the purchased insurances and are regulated by a separate fee (the fee amount is included in the Price List).
  7. The purchased insurance does not cover willful damage of the Rentee and unfulfilled obligations listed in p. 22.
  8. In the event of a loss or theft of the vehicle resulting from the action or negligence of the Rentee, they will be charged an amount equivalent to the market value of the lost/stolen vehicle.
  9. In case of breakdown or immobilization of the vehicle due to circumstances for which the Rentee is not at fault, the Renter will provide the Rentee with a substitute vehicle within 12 hours (in Poland) from the moment of informing the Renter. If the substitute car is of a lower class, the rental amount shall be reduced accordingly.
  10. The Rentee is not entitled to make a substitute car available in case of:
    1. Breakdown or damage to the car due to the fault of the Rentee - unless they have purchased full insurance,
    2. Breakdown or damage to the car through the fault of the Rentee, outside the territory of the Republic of Poland,
    3. Loss or destruction of the registration card, insurance policy, or keys to the car,
    4. A flat tire or lack of fuel.


  1. All types of insurance are included in the valid Price List.
  2. The car has civil liability insurance of motor vehicle owners and AC insurance.
  3. In case when the Renter reveals a damage for which the Rentee is responsible and which cannot be covered by the civil liability insurance of the road accident perpetrator, the Rentee will be charged with the duty to repair the damage (up to the amount of PLN 2 500) compensating the Renter for the costs of performing activities related to repairing the vehicle and for the loss of the market value of the damaged vehicle. Repairing the damage is the responsibility of the Rentee, regardless of whether the Rentee decides to cover the damage from the AC policy or decides to cover the repair costs on their own.
  4. The Renter may apply for insurance to cover damage for which the Rentee is responsible. The insurance premium is specified in item 2 of the Rental Price List. However, the scope of insurance does not include in particular:
    1. Intentional damage to the vehicle, act or omission or negligence of the Customer,
    2. Damage while driving under the influence of alcohol or while under the influence of drugs or psychotropic substances or without a valid driving licence recognized in Poland,
    3. Damage to the vehicle in the event of exceeding the speed limit by at least 30km/h or in the event of any other gross violation of road traffic regulations,
    4. If the Customer fled (escaped) from the place of the accident,
    5. A case when the Customer failed to meet the obligations required by the Insurer of the car, resulting in refusal to pay indemnity through the fault of the Customer,
    6. Damage occurred, if the person driving was a person not authorized according to the rental contract and the terms and condition to drive a car,
    7. Theft of the car, in case when the Rentee did not secure the vehicle properly or did not deliver within 24 hours from the event the keys and registration card to the Renter,
    8. Other special cases resulting from the general insurance conditions and insurance contracts concluded by the Renter.
    In the above situations the Rentee is liable up to the full value of the damage.
  5. The Rentee may join a group insurance contract concluded between the Insurance Company XXXXX and the Renter. The object of the above insurance agreement is to cover by the Insurance Company XXXXX the liability described in point 59. The Rentee shall pay the premium for the insurance agreement for 1 day, in the amount established with the Renter, to the Renter. The group insurance contract shall cover the entire rental period. In case of prolonging the rental beyond the period indicated in the content of the contract, the insurance period shall also be extended. The premium is calculated for each started day of vehicle rental. The collected premium is transferred by the Renter to the insurer, Insurance Company XXXXX. The sum insured is 2 500 PLN. The Rentee authorizes the Renter to collect the compensation from the Insurer. Payment of compensation by the insurer to the Renter releases the Rentee from the obligation to repair the damage (up to the amount of 2 500 PLN according to the Price List).
  6. In the event of failure to inform the Renter of any road traffic accident in which the vehicle used by the Renteee was involved, the Rentee transfers onto the Renter Insurance Company the right to recourse to the equivalent of the compensation or benefit paid by the Rentee Insurance Company in respect of the damage.
  7. The above right of recourse also applies in cases where the Rentee or a person authorized by him in the event did not have the authority to drive vehicles or was under the influence of alcohol or similarly intoxicating substances.
  8. The Rentee is obliged to acquaint themselves with the provisions of the policy, general conditions of car insurance agreements and amendments to general conditions of car insurance agreements and abide by the provisions included in the conditions, and in case of making a vehicle available - also to instruct the person driving the vehicle about the obligations resulting from the above mentioned documents - under pain of obligation of repairing the damage. The provisions regarding vehicle insurance are available at each branch office of the Renter.
  9. In case of rental cars, which have an Assistance policy, it covers the cost in the scope in which it was concluded. The Renter receives information regarding the above upon signing the agreement.


  1. The personal data of Rentees and persons authorized to drive the vehicle shall be administered by the Renter CarFree Sp. z o. o with its registered seat in Warsaw (02-677), ul. Cybernetyki 13A. The personal data of the Rentee and persons authorized to drive the vehicle shall be processed in order to execute the agreement to which the Rentee is a party and for marketing purposes related to the promotion of CarFree Sp. z o. o services. It is hereby declared that providing personal data is voluntary and necessary to conclude and perform the contract with the Renter, and the data shall be processed for the period necessary for the execution of the Renter's obligations resulting from agreements concluded with the Rentee, and after this period until the expiration of claims resulting from these Contracts.
  2. By concluding a rental contract with CarFree Sp. z o. o, the Rentee and the person authorized to drive the vehicle consents to the processing of their personal data for the purpose of providing electronic services, vehicle rental services and for marketing purposes.
  3. Personal data will be processed in order to:
    1. Concluding and performing the rental contract.
    2. Claiming payment of dues resulting from the rental agreement (in particular it concerns the name, surname, address of residence, bank account number of the Rentee, data concerning settlements and payments of dues resulting from the rental contract), and in such a case the processing shall be performed until the statute of limitations for the claims under the agreement or their earlier settlement,
    3. Marketing purposes, related to the promotion of CarFree Sp. z o. o services.
  4. The Rentee and persons entitled to drive the vehicle have the right to request from the Administrator access to personal data, their rectification, erasure or restriction of processing or the right to object to processing, as well as the right to data portability.
  5. Providing personal data is voluntary but necessary to conclude the contract and fulfill the obligations of the Renter. A consequence of refusal to provide personal data shall be inability to conclude the Contract.
  6. The Rentee has the right to withdraw consent to the processing of personal data at any time. Withdrawal of consent does not affect the legality of processing, which was carried out on the basis of consent before its withdrawal.
  7. The Rentee may review the personal data collected by the Company at any time by writing to us at the following email address: biuro@carfree.pl. You may also request that we correct any personal information that we hold about you so that it is up to date.
  8. In the event of default of payment or submission of false documents, the Rentee's personal data may be forwarded to the National Debt Register, Business Information Offices, etc.


  1. Any complaints should be addressed to the following e-mail address: reklamacje@carfree.pl
  2. Complaints shall be considered within a period not exceeding 30 days from the date of receipt by the Renter of the complaint notification. This period excludes public holidays.
  3. The Rentee shall be informed electronically about the manner of considering the complaint by sending an e-mail to the e-mail address indicated by the Rentee.
  4. The Customer has the option to use out-of-court complaint and claim procedures.


  1. The provisions of the Civil Code shall apply to all matters not regulated by these Terms and Conditions.
  2. These Terms and Conditions and the Price List are an integral part of the Rental Contract
  3. For breach of any of the terms of Terms and Conditions, the Renter shall have the right to demand from the Rentee compensation on general terms.
  4. The Parties undertake to immediately notify the change of address for service, under pain of considering statements and letters sent to the current address as delivered.
  5. The Contract has been drawn up in two copies, one for each Party.


I declare that I have read the above Terms and Conditions, the Rental contract, the Price List, and that they are understandable to me and I fully accept them and undertake to abide by them.



The Price List is applicable from 28.12.2021

a) Standard Protection Package (damage under the Third Party Liability Insurance, Assistance) Free
b) Comfort Protection Package (against bodywork damage) - applies to one damage PLN 30 /24 h
c) Premium Protection Package (against bodywork, rims, tires and window panes damage, including vehicle theft and write-off, and replacement car) - applies to one damage PLN 60/24 h
a) Car navigation PLN 10/24 h
b) Baby seat/booster cushion PLN 13/24 h
c) Additional driver PLN 10 /24 h
d) Returning dirty car PLN 50/one time fee before collecting the car
e) Leaving the country with the consent of the Renter PLN 199/ one time fee before collecting the car
3. Additional Fees
a) Service outside office hours (20:00-08:00) 60 PLN
b) Vehicle substitution / return From 39 PLN
c) Migration fee 199 PLN

The indicated prices include 23% VAT


The Price List is applicable from 30.10.2021 r.

a) Loss of car warranty through the fault of the Rentee (the person driving the vehicle) 10% of the vehicle value
b) Violation of the ban on smoking, use of electronic cigarettes, consumption of alcohol, use of drugs in the car. 500 PLN
c) Violation of the ban on transporting animals 250 PLN
d) Towing other vehicles with the rented car 500 PLN
e) Making the vehicle available to a person who is not authorized to drive the vehicle 2500 PLN
f) Unauthorized moving of the vehicle outside the borders of the Polish Republic 1500 PLN
g) Damaging, misplacing or losing the car key or car remote 5000 PLN
h) No registration certificate, licence plate ora registration sticker, insurance policy PLN 500 for each element
i) No parking pass PLN 100 + the actual cost of the parking fee for losing the parking pass
j) Damage or loss of a hubcap (for each hubcap) 250 PLN
k) Damaging an aluminum rim (for each rim) 1500 PLN
l) Damaging a steel rim (for each rim) 500 PLN
m) Burning or otherwise damaging the upholstery, damaging elements of equipment which is not included in any insurance package According to ASO cost estimate +15%
n) Loss of element of equipment not mentioned in the price list PLN 2000 + the cost of returning the car to its previous condition
o) Dismantling, replacement of the car parts or making any conversions to the vehicle without the Renter’s consent PLN 2500 + the cost of returning the car to its previous condition
p) Fueling the car with the wrong kind of fuel 3000 PLN
q) Not refuelling the car PLN 50 + PLN 8,00 for each liter of missing fuel
r) Returning the dirty car - cleaning 70 PLN
s) Returning the dirty vehicle of the BUS 9-os - cleaning 100 PLN
t) Soiling the upholstery - cleaning 350 PLN
u) Administrative fee in connection with servicing liabilities towards foreing institutions due to fine/ticket PLN 500 + the cost of the actual traffic fine
v) Administrative fee in connection with servicing liabilities towards Polish institutions due to fine/ticket PLN 100 + the cost of the actual traffic fine
w) Administration fee for delay in paying liabilities under the rental contract, including for preparing a notice PLN 500; in case of consumers PLN 100
x) Damage occurring during the rental contract term and not settled under the perpetrator's third party liability policy PLN 2500/PLN 3000 (theft or write-off)
y) Delay in returning the vehicle upon sending a notice to the Rentee Three times the daily rate for each started day of delay
z) Fee for each travel related to the return of the rented and not-returned vehicle fro outside the place specified in the rental contract PLN 10 for each kilometer
aa) Use of the rented vehicle in the manner incompatible with its purpose or the Contract 1500 PLN
ab) Abandoning the car 5000 PLN


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