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We present a wide range of delivery buses

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Fiat Ducato Maxi L3H2
Fiat Ducato Maxi L3H2
or similar - Segment N (Bus - Delivery)
Engine type
Number of seats
Air conditioning
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Fiat Ducato Maxi L4H2
Fiat Ducato Maxi L4H2
or similar - Segment N (Bus - Delivery)
Engine type
Number of seats
Air conditioning
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Fiat Ducato Maxi L4H2
Fiat Ducato Maxi L4H2
or similar - Segment N (Bus - Delivery)
Engine type
Number of seats
Air conditioning
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Fiat Ducato Maxi L3H2
Fiat Ducato Maxi L3H2
or similar - Segment N (Bus - Delivery)
Engine type
Number of seats
Air conditioning
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Delivery vans rental

We are aware of how different the expectations of our customers are. That is why we have adapted the company’s offer, keeping in mind also the most demanding ones. We have supplemented our extensive fleet of delivery vehicles with modern, brand new models of cars of renowned brands. With us, your journey will always be safe. delivery vans are waiting in our company car park, ready to be rented at all times. Traveling by our cars is pure pleasure - go anywhere, go on vacation or arrange a relocation without stress. After the entire rental process, leave the car where you pointed out on the application form. That’s it - our employee will pick up the car and you don’t have to worry about anything else. Everything is done quickly, conveniently and in a simplified mode.


We present an exceptionally wide range of large rental cars - it’s worth working with us!

Are you looking for great rental vans? You’ve come to the right place. We focus on high-quality services, so we take care of each vehicle separately. Our employees successively supervise the technical condition of vans available in our rental. We offer low, competitive prices in renting our fleet. With long-term rental, we offer attractive discounts both for private individuals and companies. Cars from the passenger car segment can be driven without a special category C driving license.

Rental Requirements

Part of the fleet comprises typical delivery vehicles, for which driving of this type of license will be required (C driving license). We cordially invite you to view the current fleet catalog of vehicles. There you can see detailed information on the price and technical specifications of cars.

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Modern delivery vehicle rental

Among the owned cars we have, among other Toyota Procity or Citroen Jumper cars. They are very solid, safe and comfortable vehicles for transporting many people and large dimensions. Rental of delivery trucks is an industry in which we have been operating for many years. We have experience and we know which cars people in need of delivery vans use most often. The best types of vehicles, made of the best components, are presented in our rental catalog. Check for yourself which cars we currently have for rent.

Exceptionally low prices

We offer rental of vans from just over PLN 200 per day. Prices may change, so we encourage you to check the price list. Different vehicles have a different price per day.

Delivery vans rental. 5 reasons why we stand out from the competition

Rental of delivery vehicles requires high efficiency from the rental company. The customer expects full reliability and good equipment from the vehicle - so that using the car is a pleasure and helps with completion of all formalities. We have been looking at the needs of our clients for a long time and we have been adjusting our services to personalized expectations. Our clients include not only private individuals who are looking for a delivery vehicle for a short while, but also companies, both large and small, constitute a large part of our service recipients.

Delivery vans rental at a good price - why is it worth it?

We’ve highlighted five reasons why we’re at the forefront of vans rentals. As a reputable van rental company, we ensure professional service of our technical department at every step.

1. Delivery vans rental with no mileage limit

As one of the few companies on the market, we offer bus rental without adding a mileage limit. This is great news for people who want to go on vacation and need a reliable, economic vehicle. It is also excellent information for individual clients moving between cities in Poland. We have lifted the mileage limits, making the rental of a delivery vehicle more profitable from the customer’s standpoint.

2. We successively check the technical condition of each car

We work with the best mechanics in the area. Thanks to this, we receive professional repair services that analyze the technical condition of our fleet. Each car is carefully examined. We are successively supplementing our fleet with new vehicles that come to us straight from the factories in perfect condition. Our rental company focuses on the high quality of rental services - we know that offering untested and defective vehicles would do more harm than good.

3. Cheap delivery vans rental

Attractive prices for regular customers and new people who decide to use our services are our daily routine. If you would like to get a personalized, unusual offer, contact our staff directly. We are open to the proposals of individuals and companies, which is why we always offer preferential rental conditions. We provide both short-term and long-term rentals.

4. 24/7 care - we provide professional service

We work non-stop, providing professional service to our clients. Do you want to drop off your delivery truck at the place you have chosen? Did you conclude that the rental period should be shortened? Our employees will pick up the car from anywhere without you having to take the car to our company. In the event of a car crash, we provide help and organize care for our client. The delivery vans rental will also propose a new vehicle, which will allow you to continue your journey.

5. Delivery vehicle rental in a few simple steps

Our rental company operates dynamically on the Internet, opening up to new car rental technologies. You can view the vehicles on our website on individual sub-pages - every delivery vehicle is available. Rent without a mileage limit can be ordered directly through the site. We provide our clients with the possibility of ordering a car online - literally in a few minutes. The user must select the type of car and the type of rental. The next step is to fill in your personal data, payment for the order and picking up the car from a specific place. Everything quickly and without unnecessary formalities by our rental company.

Who are the delivery vans for? Rent for clients with different needs

Our delivery vans rental offers a comprehensive car rental, without asking for a detailed rental plan. Our services are aimed at both private individuals and individual clients. We do not ask where and why our client is going to go. After all, traveling by car is supposed to be pure pleasure - this is the case with us, we do not implement the mileage limit for delivery vehicles up to 30 days.

Innovative delivery vans rental

All you need is a driving license, pay in advance and vehicle will be available to you. We invite you to contact our employees directly, e.g. by phone or e-mail. We will advise and propose which rental option will be the most profitable for you in a situation.

Having a car is helpful in many situations

A delivery truck can save your hide. Our customers, who have repeatedly needed a car “at once” to carry an important thing or go on a dream vacation, know it. It is impossible to list out all the benefits of having a rented car. You don’t have to worry about its technical condition, servicing or fees.

Delivery vans for companies and individuals

We also run long-term rentals. delivery vans are intended for customers who need decent and solid equipment. Thanks to them, it will be possible to:• transporting furniture, e.g. during a move,

  • purchase of large-size items and transport them to the property,

  • taking away unnecessary things (some cars may be equipped with a container),

  • a holiday trip for up to 9 people and with no mileage limit,

  • fulfillment of many other obligations that can be fulfilled with delivery vans.

Rental of delivery vans - formalities kept to a minimum

Rental of delivery vans takes place under simplified formal conditions. All documents and regulations are available directly on our website. Online ordering of vans reduces the need to sign a pile of papers in our office. Many people appreciate the step towards their needs - we know this thanks to consulting a group of our regular customers. We provide advice every time during completing all formalities - in case there are any doubts about our vans.

Delivery vans rental - competitive prices and excellent equipment

We have a fleet of modern delivery vans with extensive equipment versions. Our cars are equipped with air conditioning and many electronic systems. Depending on the model of the delivery vehicle, it has heated mirrors, central locking, electric windows and mirrors, and the ABS system improving driving safety. We encourage you to familiarize yourself with the full specifics of the cars available directly in our virtual catalog.

Attractive prices for various models. Check the specification of available vehicles on our website

Thanks to the information available on our website, the customer can check data on engine power, its capacity and average fuel consumption - in the urban cycle and on the road. There is also data on rental prices, depending on what type of van rental you are interested in. Remember that the longer the rental period, the more attractive the price for one day of car use.

Rental of vans - long-term or for a short while?

We know our clients have different needs. Some people need a car for a short while, and others aim to rent vans in the long run. There are no restrictions on renting a delivery vehicle at our company. If we want the rental to last only one day or several days, no problem. The same applies to the rental of vans, e.g. for a month or a quarter. Yes, we rent cars even for such a time!

Van, tarpaulin, bus - various types of cars for rent

With us, the customer determines the time of pickup and return of delivery vans - with no limit of up to 4,000 kilometers, no hidden fees, no tricks or suspicious commissions. Above 4,000 kilometers, we impose additional fees - however, each time we consult the situation with the client so that they are aware of it.

How do we prepare the delivery vans for driving?

Each car undergoes inspection at the end of the rental period. At the beginning, our employee carefully checks the interior - if our client forgot something, we call them and arrange a return. Our employee also carefully checks the condition of the car so that the next customer can use the car comfortably. We wash the delivery truck, clean the upholstery and refresh the interior. It does not matter to us whether the client rented a car for a few days or for several months. The car is also subjected to thorough disinfection, which is described below.

Delivery vans rental - we operate based on safety

The pandemic has taught us all that it is worth taking care of your health and safety. In order to maximize the comfort of the users of delivery vans, we carry out a comprehensive disinfection of the interior before handing the car over to another customer. Car disinfection is completely safe for people with allergies and children. We use only proven methods of killing germs, without the use of harmful chemicals.

We stick to the guidelines

Our car rental company has been operating based on the guidelines of the Ministry of Health. It was not a problem for us to switch to a much more frequent disinfection of the cabin than it was a few years earlier. Thanks to our activities, rental of delivery vehicles is safe, also in terms of epidemiology.

Delivery vans rental and our professional service

We have an extensive technical center where we operate non-stop, 24 hours a day. As a result, people using our services are always in good hands. We have expanded our staff, thanks to which our rental can operate extremely efficiently throughout the country.

Convenient rental

Car rental does not have to take place directly in our office - while booking, the customer chooses how and where they want to pick up the vehicle, according to the availability of cars. The same is true for a return. Our employee, who will come to a specific place with another person, picks up a delivery vans. Thanks to this, our car rental company works dynamically and responds to customer expectations.

Large selection, low prices - why is it cheap with us? Economical rental of vans

Many people wonder why our company’s services are competitive. The prices on the tabs and sub-pages of our website are absolutely correct. We have extensive experience in the rental of delivery vehicles, which is why we have developed several processes to improve our functioning. We operate more effectively, so we do not waste time and energy on unnecessary activities. We also limit the formalities related to the rental.

Quick delivery vehicle rental

As a customer, all you need is a driver’s license, and a correctly filled out online form. No long conversations, absorbing meetings, and unnecessary additional contracts. All this makes our services profitable for most recipients. We also have a hotline - contact will also allow you to efficiently book a car.

Our clients' ideas for delivery vans rental

delivery vans work well in many life situations. They serve not only as a work tool that is useful in transporting heavy and irregular objects. You can also use delivery vans as a convenient form of transport, e.g. from a wedding ceremony. Young couples often rent a few cars from us in order to take the wedding guests back home after the ceremony. Van rental can also be useful for a weekend family trip - to the mountains, to the seaside or to a specific place in Poland.

Convenience of modifying your rental

Sometimes an unexpected situation may cause the customer to need the car for a few more days. It is enough to inform us by phone for our employees to extend the rental period in the system. It is very simple and intuitive - the client can extend the rental period according to his needs. We will not be surprised by the sudden need to reach a specific location, or having to transport a few more things from point A to point B.

Delivery vehicle rental as a way to test the car's capabilities

Private companies cooperating with our rental company take advantage of the opportunity to test the fleet of vehicles useful in their own services. What does that really mean? You can compare a blind purchase of an extensive car fleet to the purchase of a cat in the bag. Enterprises more and more often decide to rent delivery vans long term and then, based on the experience gained, buy their own cars. There is also nothing preventing our rental company from providing outsourcing services in this area for a very long time. We have a wide selection of delivery vans, as well as container, tarpaulin and van type vehicles.

Delivery vehicle rental at a glance. What characterizes our services?

Below we have listed 15 factors that define our rental company, incl. vans.

  1. No mileage limit up to 4000 km, which is convenient for people who need a car for long journeys.

  2. Low, competitive prices, thanks to which we are the profitability leader in the market of delivery vans.

  3. Our fleet includes modern cars, the condition of which we verify systematically and thoroughly.

  4. A minimum of problems when completing all formalities, our car ordering process is extremely simple.

  5. Safe new cars - we are gradually replacing our fleet with a new one, so that our customers can use safe and modern vehicles.

  6. Availability of atypical vehicles, e.g. equipped with a container - we also have passenger cars, city cars, SUVs and others.

  7. We disinfect our cars, so they are safe in terms of epidemics. We know how important it is to protect against microbes.

  8. Online formalities - everything is done via our website, which makes the process extremely easy and, most importantly, fast.

  9. delivery vans available on hand - in many versions and models.

  10. Possibility of short-term lease, e.g. only for several days.

  11. Possibility of medium-term lease, e.g. for a week.

  12. Possibility of long-term lease, e.g. for a month.

  13. Cars in perfect technical condition, undamaged and without accidents - with valid periodic inspections and additional technical verification.

  14. Drive all over Poland, with no mileage limit for less than 30 days.

  15. Helpful technical support of the rental company - our help and advisory center will help in the event of a car breakdown or an unfortunate collision.

Get to know our delivery vans

The full range of our delivery vans is visible on the top panel of our website. To go to the specification of a specific model and click the photo of the chosen the car. From time to time, we change the fleet and types of cars that are intended for our clients. That is why it is worth browsing our on hand offer.

Delivery vehicles rental in Poland

Delivery vehicle rental is an excellent option for people who do not want to deal with the servicing and care of their own fleet of vehicles. Very often, such tasks require a lot of time that the entrepreneur needs for other purposes. We are a relief for many companies - thanks to us, they can focus on earning money and delivering services, not on issues related to servicing and caring for vans. That’s what we are for!

Delivery vehicles rental - 100% professionalism

We work based on professional rules for renting vans, which is why we are experts in this field. Our team comprises a dozen of employees in the division who work vigorously and respond to the client’s needs. We can also prepare a personalized car rental offer for transporting large-size container-type items. We assume the client knows exactly what he wants - we impose nothing, but only suggest which options would be the best in any situation.

Delivery vans rental without traps

We do not charge a deposit, reducing formalities to a minimum. We know that our rental customers lose a lot of time when completing all paperwork, which is why we reduce this type of customer’s obligations to a minimum. Right after finalizing the rental, our client can get into the car and not worry about the formalities. Our employees inform the clients about the most important issues - thanks to which the rental is safe and reliable.

Contact us now!

We know that most customers prefer to talk to a live consultant than book a car using the online form. We have prepared a hotline operated by our competent employees for you. They will answer questions regarding the specifics of renting vans. They will also prepare a personalized offer and provide information about:

  • the total rental price,

  • the place of pick-up and return of the car,

  • terms of use,

  • what to do in case of problems

Call us now and rent a modern delivery vans!

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